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Francesca is an old soul, a gem of a person. I’ve known her family for years, but had never spent time with her as she was away at school. She came back to Ann Arbor to complete her Master’s degree, and I connected with her so effortlessly – she is a person I feel like I’ve known forever – thoughtful, compassionate, genuine, and humble. She has been mentored in photography for years, and while her photography skills are excellent, her ability to put you at ease and relate to you is what really makes her shine. She specializes in Newborns, Sr. Pics, and Head Shots.

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Farm Journal – {the real story}

My website is loaded with whole a lotta beautiful images – and the farm truly is a peaceful, remarkable place. But that’s not the whole story. We bought the farm 7 years ago in bank foreclosure and when we look back at the images of the early days, I wonder if we had more vision than sanity.  We had z e r o concept of what we were getting into. (Kinda like parenting, am i right??) It was the right choice – but I think fear would have kept us from making the right choice if we had known everything.

Do you ever fall into the trap of only seeing what still needs doing instead of looking at how far you’ve already come? I live in the (overwhelming) world of “what broken thing do we tackle next?” But looking back helps me remember the truth – that we have done a lot. That we are part of a story of pulling something of out of the ashes; and those are my favorite stories – the beauty from messes stories.  

See the before & after of the studio barn

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Who can be included in my session?

We love to see generations together – and are often told that images of grandparents with your little ones are the most meaningful. This past year, many of us have been reminded that we never know how long we get with our loved ones. With that in mind, Grandparents are always welcome to join your session, and there is no additional charge for this!

Even those family members that have to be dragged to the session often report that their farm session was “unexpectedly fun!” and “a favorite family memory!” Depending on the season, your family could walk in the fall woods, feed the chickens, hold the spring baby animals, or experience the beauty of a field of sunflowers.

If you would like to add additional extended family members (your brother/sister’s family, for example,) we ask that you book an extended family session, which adds time and extra final images to your package to accommodate for the number of people.

Extended family sessions make excellent gifts for milestone anniversaries or birthdays. These sessions may also be purchased as a gift certificate. We’d love to meet the rest of your family!

Learn more about booking here.

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Meet Candice

Candice and I have known each other for about 20 years now! We lost track of one another after school, and then one day wandering at a garage sale we bumped into each other, and have been working together ever since! Candice was born and raised in a little rural town outside of Grand Rapids and was trained in photography in college and then took her first job working in fashion photography in NYC. She moved back to Michigan when she married her love, Aaron, and they have one spunky, red-headed, curly haired daughter!

She has been working in many areas since her big city days, including photographing over 3,500! newborns over the years!! (That is not a typo!) She LOVES working in wide open natural spaces. She is one of the most welcoming, friendly people you’ll ever meet – she will put you at ease right away. We are so grateful for her presence and experience on our team!

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Meet Hannah – Ann Arbor Photographer

I’m so excited to have Hannah as one of the photographers on our team! Hannah was born in British Columbia, CA but her family moved to Michigan while she was in grade school.

Her camera has allowed her to travel – she spent all of last summer in India, where she was able to take some cameras to give away and teach photography at a home for orphaned/rescued girls. She traveled through Europe for another summer – doing some beautiful work with dancers in Venice. And now she’s back in Ann Arbor, working on her graphic design degree, living in a house with her best friends, running, reading & loving life.

From a big family herself, Hannah LOVES working with kids of all ages, she is the perfect match for your big family, your shy kiddo, or your high energy toddler. (Or maybe you are a family with all three! She’s your girl.) She’s also very experienced shooting Sr. Pics – as you will see in this quick sample of her portrait work below.

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{black & white} ann arbor mini sessions

Have you ever wondered how much of your own memory is what you actually remember….

….and how much of your memory is constructed from images you have seen of your past?

What identity have you come to understand about yourself through images?

What story will your kids uncover based on the images they find of their own childhood?

How can we leave a legacy for them that is traceable?

In reality, we have to show kids in action, in kindness, in patience every day that they are loved.

But then as parents we can etch that love into images and leave our kids clues that will recreate their history. A path from them to follow.

We would love to help you tell your story. Join us February 16, 2019 for our {black & white} mini sessions. 20 minutes, 10 images, $300

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