I sincerely believe that as a brand, images make up the story that people remember.

That's why we intuitively know photographs are so important to telling our story. With that in mind my first step will be hearing your story, and getting to know what makes, you, your craft, your business, your brand unique. My years of lifestyle photography have formed my style. I'm committed to natural, creative, relational, emotive images that let the world see who you are. Let's connect, and you can tell me about your next project!





Herbal Houseplants, Published 2021

Author Susan Betz, Photography by Amy Kimball


When I was contacted by a publisher to photograph a book on herbs it was the perfect marriage of two of my loves - horticulture & photography. All images were shot on our farm: in my garden, my home, studio, and my gracious in-laws beautiful home. (They built a house on the back acreage of the farm!). I was responsible for all the styling, direction, culling and editing of the images.



Images taken for Pacific Rim, Ann Arbor, MI


I was thrilled to work with Chef Duc Tang as he reworked his website. Pacific Rim is a restaurant that treats clients and staff like family, source all they can from local farms, and offers food that is a delicious fusion of family recipes from Duc's heritage with a modern twist. It was easy to capture the heart of a place with such loyal clients and such an outstanding staff.




I know how much goes into owning a business, and so I absolutely love making a brand's online presence match their carefully crafted reality. In my opinion, images are the way the public both sees and remembers your brand. My goal is to understand what makes your business unique, and then help you tell that story to the world. A few of my most inspiring opportunities have been working with multiple knit and felted wool studios, with adult and children's clothing brands, and with fine art & jewelry artists.


Artists, musicians, authors, models, and anyone looking for a creative headshot


You may need a single great shot of yourself for a webpage, or a whole portfolio to boost your brand or career. I love to help you define exactly what you need so we can capture just the right images. Each of the AKP photographers are skilled at helping you relax, and look like your natural best version of yourself!


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