Garlic Harvest

We spent a hot day filling the entire bed of the 79 Ford with 2000 heads of organic garlic!  You can purchase a bag containing 25 heads (or any multiple of 25) and we will ship it directly to your home!   Cost is $25 for 25 heads with a $5 flat rate for shipping.   I have 40 bags to sell, each containing 25 heads, so this is first come first served! (we are saving most of it for seed!   Email with the quantity you would like, and we’ll send you a paypal link.  Details below!


Ordering Details:

Expect about 5-7 cloves per head.    The garlic is not certified organic, but no sprays/fertilizers of any kind have been used.   It keeps remarkably well if stored in a cool, dry, dark place in the breathable bag we send it in.  If you are local, we are happy to give it to you next time we see you as opposed to shipping it.  :)




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