Ballet Study No. 3 – Audrey

As I said with my last set of pictures of Anna, each dancer has something that seems to set her apart.  With Audrey, it is her flexibility and joy.  You see her love of dance each time she folds herself in half (as if it were nothing!)  This little one dances almost every day, and her momma is a dancer too.  (My next post will be the mother/daughter dance shots we took, which are SO unspeakably adorable.)  I love these shots – some of my favorite of the year.

AmyKimballPhotography_0062AmyKimballPhotography_0057AmyKimballPhotography_0056AmyKimballPhotography_0059AmyKimballPhotography_0058AmyKimballPhotography_0067AmyKimballPhotography_0068AmyKimballPhotography_0065AmyKimballPhotography_0066AmyKimballPhotography_0060AmyKimballPhotography_0064AmyKimballPhotography_0063AmyKimballPhotography_0055AmyKimballPhotography_0061See other ballet studies:  Ballet study no.1,  Ballet study no. 2

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