Our Idea is Simple…

...take unforced photos of real experiences.

Here families do more than capture photographs, they create real memories.  Whether you are in a playing in a wildflower field, paddling a vintage canoe on our misty pond, exploring our autumn woods, or sipping drinks on the farmhouse porch you will find exceptional beauty each month of the year. 

As you unwind, I'll be right there, capturing the love and relationships that make you uniquely you. Wherever you are in your life's seasons - maternity, newborn, family life, senior pictures, or engagement - we'd love to meet you and help you discover a new photography experience.  


We spent the better part of 3 summers renovating our barn into my dream studio.  Scroll through to take a peek!

The Kimball Farm Story

The farm has been a dream of ours for…well, our whole married lives. We purchased the farm with Nate's family in a whirlwind bank auction  - 48 hours of chaos that resulted in a 70 acre farm.  

There are 45 acres in fields, 20 acres in woods, 5 scres of spring-fed pond and a whole bunch of falling-down, raccoon-filled buildings.  We’re working on it.  The raccoons are mostly evicted. ;) If you come to visit, you may have to deal with kids’ bikes left in the driveway, chickens free-ranging into your photos, and various family members painting and sawing away.  But we are slowing bringing this place back from the brink, and it’s lovely to me.  It could not be dearer to my heart.  

We'd love for you to visit and watch the progress.  Over the next few years, our dreams include a large veggie garden, orchards, lavender fields, berry patches, a milk cow, sheep in the pastures, ducks and a mess of chickens.  Sign up for our newsletter to see the farm's progress and to be a part of our monthly giveaways and special offers! 

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1800's Farmhouse  -stone front porch & tree swing

Spring-fed pond with sandy beach

Fall-color woods with creek

Wildflower meadows

Chicken/duck coop

Evergreen tree lot (next door)

100 tree apple orchard (next door)