Prints + Products

We offer a full range of the highest quality papers and products to get your images off the screen and into your real life.
While I love to include digital files for you to archive forever,

your images will mean so much more to you when you see them displayed in everyday places

or when you can cuddle on the couch to look through a treasured album again and again.

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With that in mind, I am super picky about products.

I chose products that reflect all the ideals of our farm and my brand. Natural, tactile, delightful, handmade. I love buttery matte or watercolor paper for prints, and I want soft leather or beautiful linen for album covers. Our Wooden Photo Ledges are made right here in the farm workshop by my husband and son.


BUT... if you are anything like me, it is REALLY hard to narrow down what images you want to put on your wall. (This is mainly because I have a new set of favorite images about every month.) : )

Here are my personal solutions to my own product issues:


The Wooden Photo Ledge.

This was made for people like me. It is perfect because I can add new photos as often as I want without putting holes in the wall. Prints are triple thick luxe in buttery matte finish.



Reserved for prints that I have loved for years—I pick classic favorites that stand the test of time.



Always a good idea—I have never regretted an album. The kids love to look through our books of special trips and when they were little. You may tell yourself you will design your own, but the vast majority of my clients are SO happy to outsource this to a pro, and enjoy the album for years to come. It’s a remarkable gift to yourself.

Click through to our store to see sample products with all the options and pricing.

When you get your own gallery, the store will insert your images into the products so you can visualize the end result!

Preview our products store!

How many photos will be in my gallery?

After each session we carefully select and edit every image that meets our quality standards. We upload all of them to your private online gallery, from which you will select your very favorite images to download. If you cannot narrow it down, we do allow you to purchase all the images! For each type of session, you can generally expect a minimum of:
  • Mini Sessions: 30 images
  • 1hr Farm Session: 50 images
  • 2hr Farm Session: 80 images
  • 45min Senior Session: 40 images
  • 90min Senior Session: 60 images

What’s the difference between ‘gallery images’ and ‘included images’?

‘Gallery images’ are ALL of the images that were chosen by us from your session, edited and uploaded to an online viewing gallery.

‘Included images’ are the specific images that you choose from your online gallery to claim ‘print permission’ on & download.

For example, ‘Jane’ purchases a Mini Session from us. She books online, has her session on the date & time that she chose and 2 weeks after her session she will receive a link in her email to view her online gallery. Jane’s gallery includes 35 edited images for her to look through and pick out her 10 favorite images to download and keep. (10 images is the standard ‘included images’ for Mini Sessions.) If she just LOVES all 35 images in her gallery, then she can pay for the “full gallery” upgrade and would gain access to all of the images (the 10 included with her original purchase, and then the additional 25 images in her gallery).

Will I receive any physical products with my booking?

All sessions include a set number of edited, full-sized digital image files. If you would like any physical products, you can order those through us, or through any vendor of your choice! Our store contains curated products and the highest quality print papers that Amy has selected to match her brand and style. We stand by our products 100%.

What format will my ‘included images’ be in?

You will receive an emailed link to download your selected digital images. The images are edited, high resolution jpeg files suitable for any size of print or enlargement. We highly recommend that you backup your images to both your computer and the cloud for safe keeping!

All products and prints are optional and purchased separately.

(They’ll be high-resolution jpgs & we typically use a 3:2 aspect ratio for images at 300dpi resolution.)

What editing is included my session?

Your session includes professional editing of all the images uploaded to your gallery. If you notice something we missed, just let us know when you get your viewing gallery and we will touch that up before you download your images.

Our style is natural, clean and true. We want you to look like your best self – so if your teen has a skin blemish, or the baby has a minor scratch, those things will be removed. However, we do not do body sculpting, wrinkle removal, hair or wardrobe changes or make-up touch-ups. If you are hoping for that level of editing, we suggest you find a photographer that specializes in that so you will be fully happy with your images!

Do you offer off-site sessions?

If our schedules allow, we’re happy to consider doing an off-site shoot! There’s a minimum of booking a 1hr Farm Session and a $25 travel fee that will be added. These cannot be booked online, so please email/text/call us personally to pursue this option if you’re interested!

What’s the pricing & details for a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are booked for 3 hours in your home.  We have found that 3 hours is the perfect amount of time for relaxed feeding, comforting, and great photos.  Sessions are a single fee paid prior to your session of $875 which includes your 3 hour session, professional editing, a large online gallery, and your choice of your 30 favorite  full sized image files to download.  Additional digital files, prints and albums can be purchased separately.

What if I don’t feel or look my best after the birth?

You are not alone – women confide this fear to me regularly. However, in my follow up
surveys, moms often say they left the session feeling “encouraged, beautiful and relaxed.”
They end up being SO thankful they overcame their fear. Your relationship with your
newborn is beautiful – stunningly beautiful – even if you don’t feel yourself yet.


What if my baby is fussy?

Being fussy is par for the course: it will not worry us, and we don’t want it to worry you. In the
12 years we’ve been photographing newborns, we’ve only had one baby fuss the whole time- and
if that happens, we re-shoot for free.  : )


Should we include siblings, pets or grandparents?

Yes to any or all of those options!

Siblings are such an important part of a newborn shoot! We have thought of many ways to engage siblings so we get images that are meaningful.  You can have siblings present for the whole session, or some families choose to have siblings leave with a grandparent or sitter after the first hour.

Grandparents are welcome to be in a few shots.   Many families love to have pets for a couple of shots as well!  We have experience and ideas to help you set this up so it goes safely and smoothly.

What should we have/what will you bring?

Feel no pressure to buy a lot of items, but we welcome you to have a few favorite things on hand to make your session personal!

We will bring some blankets, swaddles and woven baskets that are muted-tone, natural fiber items.

Recommended ideas for you to have:

  • Simple clothing in cotton or linen.
  • Swaddles, textured knit blankets, hand-knit wraps
  • Knit outfits, diaper cover/knit pants
  • Knit hats & bonnets, headbands/tiebacks/bows for girls
  • Handmade gifts/items from family or vintage items handed down to you

Note:  Neutrals always look good.  Please avoid collars -they up and cover baby’s face.  Many families find something special for baby on Etsy.

What should we wear?

  • Baby will be in a swaddle, knit diaper cover or a simple outfit of your choice. Hats and
    headbands are great, anything knit adds beautiful texture to contrast with baby’s skin.
  • You will be photographed during the session, and should wear clothes you are comfortable in.
    White, cream, gray, pale pinks and blues, neutral or muted colors are perfect; please avoid strong
    patterns, and black really shows baby spit-up, just fyi. I love linen or knits, depending on the
  • Siblings are best dressed simply. White, neutrals, and light colors are great.

What if my house is a mess?

We completely understand that life sort-of explodes after you bring baby home.  We have been there and there is absolutely no judgement!  We will help you find the areas in your home that have the right light for shooting and we can clear just what we need to from those spots :). Have no fear.

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