Planning for your newborn session

We tried to think of everything you might want to know before your shoot.

Overcome the 5 biggest fears

of newborn parents regarding a photo session

01) What if our baby needs continual feedings & diaper changes?

They will for sure - life doesn't stop for a photo session! We plan every newborn session to be 3 hours so that you can relax. After photographing hundreds of newborns, I know this is the perfect amount of time for both baby's needs and beautiful images.

02) What if our baby is really fussy the day of the shoot?

Being fussy is par for the course: it will not worry me, and I don't want it to worry you. In the 12 years I've been photographing newborns, I've only had one baby fuss the whole time- and if that happens, we re-shoot for free. I have lots of experience calming fussy babies - my own four, and everyone else's!

03) What if our older kids are too high energy to bring along?

Siblings are such an important part of a newborn shoot! I'm peaceful and patient - I've got a whole set of games in my head to engage siblings so we get images that are meaningful. Siblings are welcome to stay for the whole time or just come for the first hour and then go home with a grandparent or sitter.

04) What if I hate the way I look right after giving birth?

You are not alone - women confide this fear to me regularly. However, in my follow up surveys, moms often say they left the session feeling "encouraged, beautiful and relaxed." They end up being SO thankful they overcame their fear. Your relationship with your newborn is beautiful - stunningly beautiful - even if you don't feel yourself yet.

05) What if we wear/bring the wrong things?

We've expanded on this topic below about what to bring and what to leave home. We will guide you on what the whole family should wear. We will also let you know about baskets, wraps, swaddles and headbands (much of which we already own!). We don't want you to waste money - we'll help you get just what you need.

What should we expect?

  • We will spend a portion of our time taking photo-journalistic style images of you interacting with baby. Even if you are uncomfortable in front of a camera, I will guide you into moments that allow for intimate, natural images that show your love and connection to each other.
  • We love siblings and pets! They are welcome for the whole time, or can leave after the first hour.

What to bring:

  • Feeding supplies - however you are feeding, have enough for baby to eat a number of times during the session. I am completely comfortable with breastfeeding and have a C-style pillow if that’s helpful. (p.s. Learning to breastfeed is SO hard—you will have all my support and empathy!)
  • Lots of diapering supplies, lotion for dry skin areas.
  • Optional: Cute knit outfit, or any simple clothing you like. Occasionally, babies hate being naked. We keep a few clean, simple, neutral outfits and sweaters if needed. Please avoid collars - they cover baby’s face. Here are some {brands} I really love.

Things we have:

(optional for you to bring)

Feel no pressure to buy/bring any of this - we have it all, but we welcome you to bring favorite things to make your session personal! The things I have are muted-tone, natural fiber items. If you are looking to purchase something, many families look to Etsy.

  • Swaddles, textured knit blankets, hand-knit wraps
  • Knit diaper cover/knit pants
  • Knit hats & bonnets, headbands/tiebacks/bows for girls
  • Handmade gifts/knits from family or vintage items handed down to you
  • Woven baskets lined with sheepskins (I have 4 or 5)
  • A selection of wooden/hand-knit toys for older siblings
Father holding newborn

What should we wear?

  • Baby will be in a swaddle, knit diaper cover or a simple outfit that you bring (see above). Hats and headbands are great, anything knit adds beautiful texture to contrast with baby's skin. Many parents like to purchase something personal (usually off of Etsy) to add to the session.
  • You will be photographed during the session, and should wear clothes you are comfortable in.
  • In general, we recommend that families wear complimenting outfits, but don't be all exactly matching.
  • White, cream, gray, pale pinks and blues, neutral or muted colors are perfect; please avoid strong patterns, and black really shows baby spit-up, just fyi. I love linen or knits, depending on the season.
  • Siblings are best dressed simply. White, neutrals, and pale colors are great. See gallery below for inspiration.

Outfit Inspiration

Amy's Pinterest board for more family outfit ideas



Location and Directions

Studio/Farm Address: 11730 Waters Road, Chelsea MI

From the road, you will see the red studio barn and a big gray farmhouse on a hill beside it.


Please park on the grass on the east side of the studio barn. (There are garden boxes along the side where you will park.)

Day of the shoot

On the day of the session if you need to reach us, please do not call the studio manager or send an email.


Please text or call your photographer!

Amy - 2 4 8 . 3 0 2 . 5 1 5 0

Candice - 2 4 8. 5 5 6. 6 7 8 3

Hannah - 7 3 4. 4 7 4. 1 2 8 2

Stephany - 7 3 4 . 2 2 1 . 3 1 4 0

Weather Concerns

If it seems like it may be too hot, too cold, too windy, or too rainy for your session we will get in touch with you! You will be contacted the day before, or the day of your session regarding weather. If we need to reschedule, we leave time blocks open for just that purpose.

In Case of Illness

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have illness or injury. We are happy to reschedule you at no charge, but really appreciate the notice! If anyone has a large visible cut, bruise, or rash, please reschedule. Anything issue that is small (such as a pimple, etc) we can remove in post processing. If you are unsure, please text us a photo.

What to wear

You are welcome to as many clothing changes as reasonably fit into your scheduled time. We do have a private changing area.

If you are looking for something new for your shoot, get inspired by our favorite makers.


The most important thing is to dress in favorite items that make you feel great, and feel like yourself. Clothing does not need to be the same color, but keeping things on same same palette does help. For palette ideas and inspiration for every season, please see our board on Pinterest.


If you are not planning a change of clothing, please bring a spare outfit for the kids. It's a farm—and mud, chickens, puddles, and the unexpected happen!


We love pets! They are always welcome. Please do remember that we have free-range chickens, so if your dog is likely to chase them, please keep him on a leash.

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