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Ann Arbor Nature and Landscape Photography Workshop

When I think of my camera, I see a way of connecting with others.  But wandering alone with my camera is also one of my favorite ways to connect with myself.

Join me in the renovated barn studio for a Sunday afternoon workshop October 7 from 1-4pm on nature and landscape photography.   Allow yourself to slow down and do something that recharges your creative side.  We will have wine, cheese, fruit & dessert.  You will have time to listen, time to ask questions and time to wander and explore the fall farm.

  • In  small group relaxed environment, we will talk about some of the basics for technical shooting both in close up nature photography and landscapes – the basics of lenses, settings, & filters.
  • We will talk about timing, light and various weather conditions.
  • We will be inspired as we look at the work of masters in this field of photography.
  • Most importantly, we will talk about composition, framing, and about slowing down.   In the words of famed Depression Era photographer Dorothea Lange: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

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Travelogue [edinburgh]

Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most beautiful city I’ve ever been in.  My oldest son is there for the summer doing an internship, and my husband graciously held down the fort so I could jet across the sea.  My heart soared with the freedom to explore a new place during the day while my son was working, and then experience his favorite people and places in the evenings.   My lovely mom-in-law (may we all be so blessed with stellar in-laws!) joined me for this leg of the adventure….more to come later on the other places in Scotland I visited.

Advanced Photography Retreats – Ann Arbor, MI

We host monthly Sunday workshops at the farm that are entry level everyone  can attend and benefit from.  But a few times a year will pull out all the stops, and host all day Advanced Retreats.  (There are lots of things I enjoy about my job, but these retreat days are at the top of my list!)

Retreats are open to amateur and professional photographers.  We have time for inspiration, lots of teaching, time to shoot beautiful models on sets all over the farm, and time to relax and eat some of the best farm-to-table fare I’ve ever tasted.  When the season is right we harvest the eggs, fruit and vegetables we eat from our farm.  I hire my talented and dear friend, Erika Ingle,  to prepare the menu, and it is amazing! (~ Erika! ~ hang a shingle!  People will be banging down your door!!)

Each retreat has a different focus.  For 2018, we will be focusing on:

March 3rd  – Newborn Photography

June 16th – Portraits- from newborns to grandparents

September 15th – Photography Business Mentoring

Please drop us a note if you are interested in receiving future retreat invitations!  Invitations will go out periodically to my client list.    Not ready for an all day retreat?  Try our Sunday afternoon Beginning Portrait Workshop and learn how to take artistic photos of your family and everyday life.

All models, sets and meals below were photographed during past AKP retreats –  ©amykimballphotography 

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Photography Workshops – Ann Arbor


I am not one for new year’s resolutions – but I am big on reflection and new directions.   After a week or two of quiet thinking & planning, I feel so excited about the coming year for AKP.  In 2018, I will periodically be taking a break from shooting to do something else I love- engage with my clients in workshops, retreats, and mentoring opportunities.

You can see the year’s whole plan {workshops & retreats} on the website – or read on for a description of the next few months.

Workshops are held once a month on Sunday afternoons here at the farm. These are relaxed small groups of 10 or fewer people where you can treat yourself to an afternoon away to focus on a growth topic you care about.  If that’s not tempting enough, know that there will be wine, cheese, and desserts served. :)

Also new for this year!  Clients that book a milestone package {multiple sessions booked at once} earn credits towards free workshops as my way of saying thanks!

Capture your life in an artful way that you will treasure for years to come!    This workshop will go through everything you need to get the most out of your DSLR camera.  If you are currently using your phone for pics, this will open up a new world for you!  We will cover all the basics of using your camera’s light meter,  natural light, composition, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lenses.   There will be time for practice and Q&A as well.

January 21, 2018  ~ 1pm-4pm  ~$300

Soul-care is a topic even closer to my heart than photography.  This workshop is for anyone – creativity is a part of each of us, and a focus on wholeness and soul-care invigorates all your spheres of influence.  Based on my personal story of coming out a dark season, and the creative soul/care habits that I practice on a daily basis.   Very hands on – you will be engaged in exercises at all times – this is not a sit back a listen workshop!   

We will be engaging with the writings of a Quaker (seasons- where are you at?), a 4th century BC Taoist tale (what work are you called to?), and learning from the classic book by Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.    (You will receive a copy of this book to take home.)

 February 4, 2018  ~ 1pm-4pm  ~$300

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