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Ann Arbor Nature and Landscape Photography Workshop

When I think of my camera, I see a way of connecting with others.  But wandering alone with my camera is also one of my favorite ways to connect with myself.

Join me in the renovated barn studio for a Sunday afternoon workshop October 7 from 1-4pm on nature and landscape photography.   Allow yourself to slow down and do something that recharges your creative side.  We will have wine, cheese, fruit & dessert.  You will have time to listen, time to ask questions and time to wander and explore the fall farm.

  • In  small group relaxed environment, we will talk about some of the basics for technical shooting both in close up nature photography and landscapes – the basics of lenses, settings, & filters.
  • We will talk about timing, light and various weather conditions.
  • We will be inspired as we look at the work of masters in this field of photography.
  • Most importantly, we will talk about composition, framing, and about slowing down.   In the words of famed Depression Era photographer Dorothea Lange: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

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How to get 2000 heads of organic garlic


10 years ago our sweet friend Jodi brought us 6 heads of garlic from an organic garlic farm in New York where she worked for a summer.  (And if you’d like to come home brown as a nut, and without an ounce of fat on your body, you should consider organic garlic farming!)


We split those 6 heads into about 30 cloves and planted them in the fall with care.  They were harvested in the summer, saved and planted again that fall.


Repeat.  And repeat.  Then one year, you reach the tipping point and the numbers get crazy; this year the 2,000 garlic cloves we planted will grow into 10,000.  If we do it one more time, 50,000.  Mind boggling.


Growing organic garlic on our scale means we hand split every head by hand (harder than you think!)  – a messy job best done sitting around for a long morning with coffee and a lot of helping hands.  (Cough, cough, 4 kids, and obliging grandfather)


Then this same crew brings up a few loads of compost, spreads it into the 85 foot long beds and begins to place each clove into the soil by hand.  Spatial-relations master, Nate, works out the planting pattern and we just follow it.

AmyKimballPhotography_1167I get a dirty look, when the kids see I’ve stopped planting to grab the camera. This is all hands on deck, and no one has patience for Mom’s hobby.  So I run it back to the house fast, and return for the quad workout of the century.


All the shoots are up by March, and by May we will have to hand cut 2000 scapes (delicious!) and then in late July, it will be time to harvest, braid, and dry.  And next fall we’ll decide just how far we want to go with this whole thing :)  In the meantime, if you know anyone looking to purchase a bulk of organic garlic, that stores fabulously, and has huge flavorful cloves, by all means, pass this along.


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Early morning frost

For the beauty of the earth

AmyKimballPhotography_0646For the glory of the skies AmyKimballPhotography_0636For the love which from our birthAmyKimballPhotography_0653Over and around us liesAmyKimballPhotography_0654Lord of all to Thee we raiseAmyKimballPhotography_0651This our hymn of grateful praise

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Trick or Treat

Farms are good for a lot of things, but when it comes to trick-or-treating, we are very thankful to dear friends in the city!   (sidebar – you can’t beat a 6 foot 14 year old for Waldo…)



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All the way from München – a German fairy tale

It was as if I had requested a glowing fog, with a pinkish hue.  And then requested an über polite German child, with piercing, pale blue eyes, both sweet and serious.  (bi-lingual, with endearing accent).  And a family – quiet, creative, and loving to surround her.  And the heavens obliged:  a German fairy-tale session.  (All photos taken in the early morning light at the Ann Arbor Farm Studio.) Happy anniversary, and safe travels home;  I so enjoyed the time with you.




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