Ann Arbor Nature and Landscape Photography Workshop

When I think of my camera, I see a way of connecting with others.  But wandering alone with my camera is also one of my favorite ways to connect with myself.

Join me in the renovated barn studio for a Sunday afternoon workshop October 7 from 1-4pm on nature and landscape photography.   Allow yourself to slow down and do something that recharges your creative side.  We will have wine, cheese, fruit & dessert.  You will have time to listen, time to ask questions and time to wander and explore the fall farm.

  • In  small group relaxed environment, we will talk about some of the basics for technical shooting both in close up nature photography and landscapes – the basics of lenses, settings, & filters.
  • We will talk about timing, light and various weather conditions.
  • We will be inspired as we look at the work of masters in this field of photography.
  • Most importantly, we will talk about composition, framing, and about slowing down.   In the words of famed Depression Era photographer Dorothea Lange: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

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