Advanced Photography Retreats – Ann Arbor, MI

We host monthly Sunday workshops at the farm that are entry level everyone  can attend and benefit from.  But a few times a year will pull out all the stops, and host all day Advanced Retreats.  (There are lots of things I enjoy about my job, but these retreat days are at the top of my list!)

Retreats are open to amateur and professional photographers.  We have time for inspiration, lots of teaching, time to shoot beautiful models on sets all over the farm, and time to relax and eat some of the best farm-to-table fare I’ve ever tasted.  When the season is right we harvest the eggs, fruit and vegetables we eat from our farm.  I hire my talented and dear friend, Erika Ingle,  to prepare the menu, and it is amazing! (~ Erika! ~ hang a shingle!  People will be banging down your door!!)

Each retreat has a different focus.  For 2018, we will be focusing on:

March 3rd  – Newborn Photography

June 16th – Portraits- from newborns to grandparents

September 15th – Photography Business Mentoring

Please drop us a note if you are interested in receiving future retreat invitations!  Invitations will go out periodically to my client list.    Not ready for an all day retreat?  Try our Sunday afternoon Beginning Portrait Workshop and learn how to take artistic photos of your family and everyday life.

All models, sets and meals below were photographed during past AKP retreats –  ©amykimballphotography 

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