Trav⋅e⋅logue [Chattanooga]

On our way south, we got to visit our sweet friends in Chattanooga.  8 kids between us – it’s a party anyway you look at it.  So between the projects, puppy, talking hours into the night, and mountains of home-cooked food, we managed to get to the amazing Tennessee Aquarium.  I found it to be so inspiring to photograph something well outside of my norm.  It was peaceful, with odd light and reflections.  I loved it.  We all did.

Truth is stranger than fiction.  Sea horses, case in point.
These guys are hanging on to blades of grass.  Full grown at less than an inch!The jellyfish were my favorite- something about them feels like planets and unseen worlds and stars.

I’m pretty sure the sign that you’ve seen too many Pixar fish films is the moment when you feel you are connecting with a fish.  And he is sad.

And again later,  I swear this fish looked at me and smiled. 

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