Not the Caribbean, it’s….Canada!!  Family adventuring for the holiday – we filled two mini vans up to the top with tents, coolers, and 9 kids! and then (along with our dear friends) headed 6 hours north to the Georgian Bay.   Bruce Peninsula National Park was an adventure in every way –  rock climbing, cave exploring, cliff jumping into the icy cold water, seeing a black bear, hiking past a rattlesnake –  never a dull moment.  We ate like kings, smelled like camp smoke,  and survived tent camping with 9 sweet kids.  So thankful that our dear friends invited us along for a few days of memories that we will never forget.


Eva, my mermaid.  She floated around for an hour I think, while everyone else was numb and shivering after a quick jump.  On the right, our friend Elanor, so brave to jump from the top. AmyKimballPhotography_1464AmyKimballPhotography_1476AmyKimballPhotography_1482AmyKimballPhotography_1483Gabe did the jump first in our group – just watching him make the climb made me dizzy.  I didn’t photograph his jump, cause I couldn’t watch. :)AmyKimballPhotography_1477


These two – he loves hanging out with his dad so much – it warms the soul.  And Gabe was cooler than the rest of us and slept in a hammock under the stars.  Nice camping feet, Gabe.   AmyKimballPhotography_1459AmyKimballPhotography_1460AmyKimballPhotography_1461AmyKimballPhotography_1454AmyKimballPhotography_1491This is my favorite shot from the trip.   A perfect moment, cause her name means light.AmyKimballPhotography_1465


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