19 year Anniversary!

19 years!   Nate is the left brain to every one of my right brained ideas, he is the laughter to all of my days.  He is the wisdom behind 19 years of successfully navigated conflicts; he’s order and quality when I’m a bundle of fearless activity.  He’s taught me what a quiet inner life is, as I fill our calendar with a stream of relationships.  We are perfectly matched opposites, still very much in love.

with textWe celebrated our anniversary in the same part of Michigan that we honeymooned.  (We are in Leelanau County, and we honeymooned on Old Mission Peninsula.)  We are subtle vacationers – on rainy days we read and write in the cabin; on sunny days we go exploring.  We took a drive up to Tandem Cider, where we had a pickled egg/cheese plate for lunch and choose from about 20 varieties of hard cider to taste.  Loved!


We found the best Airbnb  (it’s the box-y guest house cabin behind an insanely beautiful cedar and stone main house!) Our hostess is so lovely – and she has the perfect eye.  She started restoring this place just about the year we were married, giving us vision and hope for what the farm could be 20 years from now.

AmyKimballPhotography_1260AmyKimballPhotography_1253AmyKimballPhotography_1251AmyKimballPhotography_1261AmyKimballPhotography_1252AmyKimballPhotography_1264AmyKimballPhotography_1254AmyKimballPhotography_1262AmyKimballPhotography_1255AmyKimballPhotography_1263AmyKimballPhotography_1268AmyKimballPhotography_1256AmyKimballPhotography_1267AmyKimballPhotography_1265AmyKimballPhotography_1266AmyKimballPhotography_1259AmyKimballPhotography_1258AmyKimballPhotography_1257AmyKimballPhotography_1269After days of quiet, I’m bracing myself for re-entry  – heading home today to our joyful, kid-filled, crazy life!

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