Woolly&Co – Next Generation Knit Studio

“Knits that anyone can make and wear and love.”  Studio owner, Aviva, was explaining to me her vision for her new venture.  I, who can only knit in a straight line, felt dubious.  By anyone, she certainly could not mean knitters like me?  But as I worked with her and photographed piece after piece, I started to believe:  “I think I could make that…I do think I’d love wearing it…”

Highest quality yarns, fun colors, and simple patterns are at the heart of this place – it’s clearly a studio for the next generation of knitters.  I’m excited to see Woolly&Co. bloom and grow over the coming year!

Each piece pictured is a hand knit, and patterns and classes are available!  All images were taken on-location in downtown Birmingham, MI.



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