Emily, Part One


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I have known Emily since she was a tiny baby, her stunning blue eyes the subject of my early film photographs.  (Don’t kill me, Em!)  This is a scan from an actual print in an actual scrapbook in the days of film and no editing!  Her parents befriended and influenced us in early married life, and visiting their beautiful homestead shaped us.  (as you can see!…)  But I digress…

baby emily_NEW

A good photography session means that I know someone better when I finish, then when I started.  Em is thoughtful, confident, kind, and LOVES her books.  I love a girl who loves her books.  This is such a lovely progression of photos.  I also love how much her look changes when she literally lets her hair down.  This is the first set of photos from her session – there are SO many!  We could not stop taking pics; we were having fun, and the light was just glowing.


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