Wildflower Field!

Guess what worked?  In June, Nate and I scattered pounds and pounds of seed in our freshly plowed field, and planted a full acre of wildflowers.  The kids tromped in the mud behind us, pushing the seed into the freshly tilled soil with their muck boots, and then we sat back to wait.   We wondered if our little seeds could beat the weeds that were clearly racing them neck and neck?   The whole family would go out in the early mornings and pull giant ragweed to give our wildflower meadow a leg up.  And then one morning this week, the whole field burst into bloom!  To celebrate, I did some photos of my baby girl, whose 7th birthday is just around the corner.  We found a flowering vine  growing on the edge of the meadow, and made her a crown.  (Curious?  It’s a groundnut vine; it actually has an edible tuber that was a staple of the Native Americans!)  I’m looking forward to using the meadow in my fall sessions at the Ann Arbor Farm Studio.

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