Summer Berry Picking

Tomorrow, I am leaving town for a few days to photograph 2 weddings in NY. I have the immense joy of photographing both of these weddings with my dearest Tami!  (lifelong friend and amazing photographer…)  Knowing that I’d be gone from my sweet kiddos for a number of days, we set off on a berry picking trip and picnic.  We were joined by my good friend Kara and two of her kiddos.  Note the downright cold temps and coats in mid-July!  But lets just say that that a cool, rainy summer makes for amazing berry picking, as our little group hauled in 50 lbs of blueberries!!  That does not count the amount that 6 kids munch while picking….  We froze most of them and also made a batch of our favorite honey lime blueberry muffins.   Inspiration:  if you are looking for an fun family shoot, try doing it at a U-pick farm!  I love it when families have something to really smile about.   I have a few u-pick farms that I love, and will meet you there if you are interested.

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