Baby Chicks at the Farm!

We just added to our flock a number of 2 day old baby chicks, and they are available for your little one to hold during a farm session!   This can be a portion of your shoot at the farm, in addition to using all our other farm locations.  Your child can also collect the day’s eggs (and take home a lovely, free-range dozen!)   The baby chicks are cute for about 2 weeks, and then they hit an awkward phase…  so we are only booking these sessions in July.

In other news, we had a  need for a rooster, as our chickens are free range and roosters help protect the flock.  But roosters are notoriously mean to kids.  Nate found a lovely woman in Howell who sold us this gentle hand-raised rooster who will guard our chickens, but is docile enough to be held but the kids.

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