Ryan & Jillian – Metro Detroit

“My whole soul has endeavored to do its duty toward them in recording faithfully the greatness of the inner as well as the features of the outer man.  The photograph thus taken has been almost the embodiment of a prayer.”  English Photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, 1870  This quote has been a favorite of mine for probably 10 years now, and truly is my heart.

My dearest childhood friend Tami flew in from NY to photograph this wedding with me, making it a truly joyful day.  Many of these images are her amazing work.  When Tami and I shoot together, I feel like we blur.  Like in real life, we blur – her joys are mine, and I would fly to her in a moment if I ever could be of help.

Ryan and Jillian, these images come with many prayers that your lives will  blur.   That the immense joy of this day will be surpassed countless times as the years fly by.

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