Dancing Shoot at the Royal Oak Studio

When you look at these photos, you will never guess how old this little one is.  Her beauty, poise, height, and dance skills are far beyond her humble age of 4.  Yup, she’s only 4!  (And months away from 5.)  She is a delightful burst of energy – the whole shoot I felt like she was exploding out of the frame, and I was just trying to capture a little bit of that contagious joy.  I love photographing dancers – I’m realizing these are some of my favorite shoots.  Little girls connect so intuitively with dancing, and it’s such an honest expression of a child’s spirit.   This was an especially fun shoot for me, as I have been photographing B. every year since she was born.  :)  This was a one hour session at  my urban studio near Royal Oak.   As you can see, a one hour session is plenty of time to get lots of dancing shots, (ballet and tap!) and then get some really nice everyday images as well.   To see more photographs of little dancers click here.


Amy Kimball Photography, Dance photographer, Ballet photographer, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor

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