Our first winter

In the midst of a long, hard, winter I’m trying to remember what I love about the season.  Winter light is unlike any other season – it’s so pastel and soft.  All that soft, white light bouncing around, except for the moment when the sun just rises – then the colors are so intense and true.  At daybreak, the light and colors shift minute by minute – making it my favorite time of day to shoot.  One morning this week we woke up to a “hoar frost”  which wiki tells me  “refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when heat is lost into the open sky causing objects to become colder than the surrounding air.”   Essentially frozen dew crystals – on every rose hip, and pine needle, and tree twig.  It honestly was breath-taking and my photos do not do it justice.  (very early, insanely cold, worried about camera temp and condensation…)  But it was so good for me to get out there and remember that I love my camera, and the farm.  And that like a stunning frost, winter is temporal and will not last forever.

Amy Kimball Photography Ann Arbor Farm Studio_0342

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