Photographing a family over years

The first time I photographed this four-some they were a lot littler, and their Dad came to me and asked me to help him pull off a surprise session for mom.   It was so sweet – the whole idea was great!   We did a big multi-canvas wall installation and mom loved it!   The kids were great, and I loved getting to know their completely different personalities.  A year or two later we did a studio make-over photo party for the 13 year old – which was fabulously fun!  The girls were completely into the shoot and it was just as loud and wild and hilarious as you can imagine a pack of 13 year old girls to be.  This month, mom called and said it was time to surprise dad with  Christmas session.  The kids are older- and are now that great bundle of contradictions that siblings are.  Serious and silly, loving and driving each other nuts – all in an hour.   But so real and good.   Thanks Rob and Sarah, for letting me be a little part of your family over many years.  Clients like you are why I love doing what I do.

Amy Kimball Photography Senior Pictures_0312

Amy Kimball Photography Senior Pictures_0308

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