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My husband and I used to live an adventurous life.  We lived 3 months at an orphanage in Guatemala.  We spent an entire summer traveling in Africa.  We took teens on long backwoods canoe trips into northern Canada.  Once, we moved across the state to help some friends launch a church.  And then we began the adventure of parenting…which has been the main event in terms of adventure for about 13 years. During those 13 years we have dreamed together and with our kids of moving out of the city…. a dream we didn’t quite have the courage to move on.

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At some point, it dawned on us that here we are raising our kids, telling them that they can make dreams happen with courage, faith, and hard work.  And yet we were modeling sitting scared in the city.  Well, we decided it is time to model risking much for a dream…and so as of yesterday we own a 70 acre farm just outside of Ann Arbor!  I have my worries and fears – it does not always feel “safe” to do this, but it feels right.  And I know that I will not regret modeling a life of courage, even if risking involves some failures.

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So what’s the future plan?  I will keep my Pleasant Ridge studio location – I love my Detroit clients!  It’s less than an hour from the farm, and I’ll be back regularly, with Candice being available to shoot as well.   In the meantime, we will begin work on our second studio location – a renovated barn on the property!  It’s my dream location for photo sessions.  At the Ann Arbor studio our 70 acres will offer us endless shooting possibilities: a renovated barn studio, a large 1900 farmhouse, woods with a creek, flowering meadows and field, and a sandy swimming lake with a sand dune.  Plus, it will be a small working organic farm with orchards, gardens, sheep, chickens and a little brown milk cow.    That’s the start of the dream.  There’s actually a lot more to the dream, but we’ll take it one step at the time, and share it with you as we flesh it out.  Amy

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