It’s never too late…

…to get your photos off your computer and on your wall.  Story of shame – I had a friend stop by my house, and notice that my walls were more or less void of photos.  “You own a photography studio??”  Um, yeah…I’ve hung really nice photos of other people’s kids all over the walls up there…  I’m so cliche – like the plumber with a leaky faucet.  This was the summer for action.

I know I’m not alone in this (please tell me I’m not alone in this…) so I took my first step forward into my dream of my own house filled with photos of my own kids.  Step one was spending a few evenings going though my million digital files and flagging my favorites.  Step two involved dragging the stacks of empty frames out of the closet and hanging them on the walls.  Actually I just set them each against the wall I hoped they would hang on.   This is how things work around here:  after the frames sat on the floor for several days (or weeks) my  husband finally bit the bullet and offered to help me organize and  hang them.  Just what I’d been waiting for!  First we grouped the frames we thought would look best together.  We messed around with the layout on the floor for awhile, and then hung the frames empty.  After they were on the walls it became easier for me to visualize what print to put where.  I’m a big picture kind of girl.

I’m so happy to be seeing my favorite images all day around the house, and the kids love it too!  May you be inspired and know it’s never too late.


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