Michigan – Tahquamenon Falls

My humble two cents on this amazing state park:  the park has a really large falls (Upper Falls) that you view from a distance.  It has a lot of visitors, a huge gift shop and restaurant, etc…  Ten minutes drive further into the park is the collection of 5 smaller falls (Lower Falls).  This Lower Falls area was amazing to me for a few reasons.  For one, there are way fewer people there.  For two, the State of Michigan rents you a rowboat for an unlimited time ($10!) right there on the shore.  You can row this across to an island and then walk right up to the 5 different falls.  And of course, “pasties” and waffle cones are available to sustain you on your voyage.  We loved it and can’t wait to take our kids there someday.  And I love these pics of my man…

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