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Spring Photo Session Locations & Opportunities

Nothing is more welcome than the new life of spring.  We crack open the windows and listen to the frogs calling each night.  There are an abundance of downy chicks and ducklings, and for a short while the 25 acre woods are filled with flowering Trout Lily and Trillium. Mill creek, which snakes through our woods, is running at it's fullest, and my kids spend hours ankle deep, blocking and clearing it.    

Flowering Woods and Creek

Chicks & Ducklings

Renovated Barn Studio

Sping Bulbs Meadow

Flowering 100 tree Orchard (next door)


Summer means eating food from the garden on the front porch, and lazy afternoons in the hammock under the two front maples.  The wildflowers are dotting the meadows, and the sandy beach of the cool, spring-fed pond calls to us every day. Summer sunsets are unrivaled - the whole farm is a wash of pink and gold light.  

Front Porch Area of 1800's Farmhouse

Wooden Swing & Hammock

Spring Fed Pond with Dock and Sandy Beach

Sand Dune

Wildflower Meadows & Crop Fields

Renovated Barn Studio


When I think of fall, I think of muted tones and soft hazy light.  The fog rolls in most mornings, especially over the pond.  There are heirloom pumpkins in cream and blue hues, and fresh apples stacked in wooden crates from the 100 tree orchard next door.  Neighbors drop off fresh pressed cider, and bonfire smoke fills the air. 

Pumpkin Patch

Hickory & Maple Yellow Woods

Hay and Straw Bales

Morning Fog at Pond

Renovated Barn Studio

100 Tree Apple Orchard (next door)


Winter replaces the long days of growing with cozy hours of dreaming and planning in front of the wood stove.  We find comfort in the form of homemade bread, soups and stews - and all things pickled and canned that we've saved from the summer bounty.   The pink and pale blue light of winter is beautiful - join us in the warmth of the studio barn, or we can venture out for a memorable adventure.  

Renovated Barn Studio (with woodstove!)

5 acre Evergreen Tree Lot (next door)

Frosted Fields and Meadows

Snowy 25 acre Woods