Kind Words

I just wanted to tell you I was BAWLING by the end of that photo gallery! You captured us at our best
and made it so beautiful! I’m not sure how I’m going to pick my favorites- What about just putting
them all up like wallpaper in my house? Over the top? You rock. Hardcore rock.
Thank you so so much- am so grateful.


Amy these came out so beautiful!!!!!! We really appreciate your talent and your patience
and direction at the shoot.  Thank you so much for capturing this special time for us.
I am so thrilled to have these images to remember him this small and sweet forever.

Words can not express our gratitude to you for getting these pictures. We love
them and could not imagine them of coming out better. Thank You again!

I was a difficult subject, but I loved your photographs of me and am grateful for the time you took,
the patience you showed, the consideration you gave me, and your talent as a photographer.

Amy has been awesome in a number of ways.  She’s provided artistic photos for our
website, offices  and sanctuary.She’s photographed church events and our
leadership team.  And she’s shot lots of engaging stock imagery for internal
media and external marketing.  I highly recommend Amy Kimball Photography
for all your commercial needs.

Having had such a relaxed experience, I was pleasantly startled by how gorgeous the
photographs turned out. She caught so many nuances of the moment and had such a
great eye for the settings and composition. Each photograph looked polished enough
it could have been in a fashion magazine, yet somehow still seemed wonderfully
real. It feels a little strange to praise an image taken of myself, but Amy’s
photographs took my breath away–the way she captured the light and contrast
of my face, the flecks in my eyes, and subtle expressions that I’ve never seen in
pictures before but I know that I wear constantly. They are the most beautiful
photos I’ve ever had taken.

These are nothing short of amazing.  Only someone with talent like yours could take
such fantastic shots of smiling kids and parents on a blistering hot day and make it
enjoyable in the process.  Thanks for your time and great work.

The pictures are precious.  Thank you so much for doing the shoot.  My parents
LOVED the pics and since they see the kids only twice a year or so, it makes it all the more special.
P.S. You were great with the kids.  It’s those darn parents that always get in the way.  Oops.


This picture, as edited, is more than I could have hoped for.  For only knowing me for 45 minutes,
you managed to capture the look I was after for this purpose.  Don’t change a thing.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.  You can count on seeing me again for any future
photography needs and I will be happy to recommend you at every opportunity that presents itself.
– Cynthia

Hi Amy –
Wow – I can’t believe the pictures are up already!  I was so excited to see them yesterday and
all I can say is wow – they are amazing!  I can honestly say that you were able to capture
Karina’s little personality just perfectly. They were so beautiful that I was in tears looking
at them – so was my husband. He was disappointed that he was not at the photo shoot!


Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you did. I have already recommended you to my
friends who have little ones.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff and I will definitely
be back with Karina for more picturesin the future.
Thanks again!

Hi Amy.

We just wanted to thank you too for such a wonderful shoot.  I really liked the calm and
comfortable environment for Ana.  Her dad and I felt comfortable acting like goofballs!
– Mary and Steve Daley

Amy they are so wonderful!!!!!
I’m so excited to get these up on etsy, my website, and wholesale site.  I would love to have you
photograph my work again.  I’m just so excited about this! Your creativity, angles, and
attention to detail really made my pieces look their best! They’re all so perfect.  I can’t wait for
the CD!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  Aaron and I just looked through all of the photos and there are
soooooo many amazing shots.  They are beyond what I could’ve hoped for!!!!  Seriously,
we absolutely love them and are super excited to print them up and hang them on our
walls!  Thank you so much!!! I really can’t thank you enough!
– Candice

Thank you again for the great photos!  I will promote your business in any way I can!

Hi Amy,
I wanted to let you know that we all really enjoyed the photo shoot.
Justin and Kate really felt comfortable with you and your patience with the kids.
You have a beautiful studio! Thank you Amy!  It was really good to see you again.
– Stacie

Hi Amy,
Just a quick note to tell you that our friends in Germany (to whom we forwarded the link
to your blog) were quite impressed with the pictures. One couple said, that some of them
could be used for advertising purposes and that “the photographer is very good”!
(direct translation). Very high praise, since this couple has a very great eye for detail,
trust me… Thought you would like to know that you are receiving
“international recognition.” Thanks again and have a nice week!