Interested in a day away with others who share your passion?

Advanced Photo Retreats

Join us at the Ann Arbor Farm for a mentoring retreat!  These all day events are reserved for those who are serious about photography.  Enjoy seasonal food from our own farm and other local growers for lunch and dinner.  Child & young adult models with a variety of sets around the 70 acre farm will be used for practice shoots.  Come with your questions, camera and a journal!  Our hope is that this day inspires you and gives you the courage you need for your next step, whatever that may be! 

Areas of Focus

Retreats vary in focus; teaching times will be centered on one of the following areas:

  • Business  - mentoring/marketing

  • Technical skills – shooting/editing

  • Personal growth – inspiration/creativity

  • Portraits – newborns/kids/families

If you are considering one of these retreat, please fill out this form. Note: the information on this survey helps us personalize each retreat, but your spot will not be reserved until payment is received.